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Please read my TOS before placing an order with me.

Commission Process

  • Application

Submit through google form provided on Twitter/Patreon OR Email me directly.
No DMs are allowed, if you have question please email me or use my Discord's Questions Channel .

  • Confirmation

A confirm email of your request details and estimate will be sent to you.

  • Payment

Price in $USD. An invoice will be sent through Stripe or Paypal.
Stripe checkout will be function as regular credit card checkout. (VISA debit ok)

  • Drawing Period

1-2 WIPs will be provided.
First rough sketch will allow bigger fixes, please allow 1-2 weeks wait time.
Color rough will only allow small edits, additional fees will be charged for each change afterwards.

  • Final Delivery

Regular Types



Just a head! Nothing fancy. Minimal background will be applied.

$ 95 /chara

  • Turnaround: 30 days


Full Body

Fullbody commission with no backgrounds! All armor and patteron complexity are included in the price, please provide me with a clear reference for any details.

$ 250 /chara

  + $15 /Minion
  + $85 /Weapon
  + $100 /standee

  • Turnaround: 35~40 days

Please expect a minimum of 30 days additional for production time if applying for a standee commission. All tracking will be provided as soon as the products are ready.


Sketch Page

Sketch page including 3-4 sets of pose and interaction, additional interaction will be charged extra. Please allow maximum artistic interpretation for this option. Minor background elements are to be expected.

$ 300 /Single
$ 500 /Couple

  + $35 /Minion
  + $85 /Weapon
  + $100 /Interaction

  • Turnaround: 60 days

You will expect a noticeable longer turnaround for this commission option.

Limited Types

Types under this category will have limited features, with cheaper price and maximum artistic freedom.
Most of them will not provide any WIP, update, and fixes. But minor fixes can be made if it is of my own mistake.
To purchase, please visit:

Commission Process

  • Application

Purchase your slot from Ko-Fi or VGen.
The slot is guaranteed unless it violates my Terms of Service, then a refund will be issued without further notice. (You can re-apply with different requests)

  • Final Delivery



They are VERY simple.

$ 20 /chara

  • Turnaround: 30 days



Simple little chibi

$ 50 /chara

  + $5 /Minion

  • Turnaround: 30~50 days


Painted Bust

A portrait I can painted freely

$ 60 /chara

  + $35 /Minion

  • Turnaround: 30~40 days

Commercial Types

If you would like to purchase commercial right of previous commissions (for making merch, streaming, video editing), it is 3 times of the base price.
Please feel free to contact me for more information: ✉

Commission Process

  • Application

Email only. Please include references of your character, details of your request, expected deadline, etc. As detailed as possible.
Characters with no actual drawn references will require a $200 extra design fee.

  • Confirmation

A $200 non-refundable reservation fee is required after timeline and estimate are confirmed.
Payment plan will be discussed during this time.

  • Sketch

You are allow to change as much as you want, as long as there is no very drastic changes.
The more request you have the longer turnaround you have to wait.

  • Model Delivery

Minor adjustments are allowed such as changing colors, adding scar/face paint etc.
If I have to redraw certain parts I will charge for extra costs.

  • Rigging

Multiple passes of demonstrations inside Live2D will be shown. You are allow to make minor adjustments such as mouth, eye shapes.

  • Final Delivery

Live2D model

Highly detailed Vtuber model, include base model and rigging.

$ 2500  Fully Rigged
$ 1500  model only

  + $600+ /Outfit
  + $150+ /Animation
  + $80+ /Hands
  + $20+ /Expression Sticker (No animation)
  + 50% Rush Order

I can't decide what I want?! - Full bundle    $3000

  • Live2D model

  • 2 Animations

  • 1 Illustration or standee

  • 1 Chibi bean icon

  • Turnaround: Up to 120 days

Listed above are all starting price, the actual estimate will be determined based on timeframe, workload, and complexity.I will let you know before hand what I can or cannot achieve, I won't suddenly just charge you extra $1000 for an additional animation. I am happy to communicate and work around if you have a limited budget.

  • Privacy Fee $150

Privacy fee for those who don't wish to have their commissions posted anywhere on the internet by the artist. However, posting on private sites/discord channels by the commissioner themselves is allowed and still requires proper credit and censorship.
If the request is a bit out of my comfort zone that I cannot feel like I can post on my social media freely, I would ask for this fee as well.



support my work without a discount or physical reward and enjoy these additional benefits...

  • feed access

patrons will have access to both SFW and NSFW illustrations, sketches, wips and art not shared on social media.

  • commission priority (SFW)

patrons will have access to my commissions prior to opening publicly on Twitter and other social medias.

$ 2 /mo

Combo Meal

specifically eligible to apply for NSFW commissions monthly and enjoy these additional benefits...

  • All previous benefits

Include feed access and commission priority (SFW).

  • commission acess (NSFW)

patrons will have access to my NSFW commissions exclusively for Patreon.

  • full resolution files

download full resolution files of completed illustrations at the beginning of every month.

  • commission discount

5% discount on any future commissions (except for commercial works)

$ 8 /mo

Premium Combo

get 10% discount on any future commissions and enjoy these additional benefits...

  • All previous benefits

Include feed access, commission priority (SFW+NSFW) and full resolution files.

  • monthly art raffle

Every month I will randomly pick a person's character out of this tier to draw along with the monthly themes.

$ 16 /mo


get patreon exclusive merches mailed to you every three month and enjoy these additional benefits...

  • All previous benefits

Include feed access, commission priority (SFW+NSFW), full resolution files, exclusive merchandise, and commission discounts.

Pick between 3 rewards monthly

  • $50 credit on first commission or store value.

Your first commission/purchase of the month can get a $50 deduction, value stacking up to 2 month (total of $100)
× some condition may apply

  • Turn a commission into merch (standee/button/charm)

May take up to 2 month delivery, you don't have to continue subbing for this tier, as long as you subbed the month of request. With free shipping worldwide.

  • Single sketch request

Basically let me draw whatever I want with your character, with a monthly theme given to you.
× strictly single character only.

$ 90 /mo

If you don't feel like calling me Natus...

You can call me Shan!

PronounAgeBirthdayNationalityData Center
They/Them25Jan 7thTaiwanese-CanadianAether

I am a freelance 2D and 3D character artist based in Vancouver, BC since 2019. Feel free to contact me via email and ask for my portfolio if you would like to work with me.

  • 2019 - 2020  Moving Picture Company

  • 2020 - 2022  Freelance Illustrator

I have been playing Final Fantasy XIV since April, 2016. I am an experienced raider and a housing enthusiast. I am a really private person so I don't usually reach out to people, I get buried in work everyday.I believe to differentiate fictional from reality. The content I create and enjoy may be seen as "problematic" by some of others. If you dislike what I create, I would be appreciated if you can just block me and move on!

During my free time, I am really passionate about creating content for my FF14 character Natus and his in game NPC partner Themis. There is a website to compile all the contents that I have created and commissioned for the couple, they are a long term hobby project that I have decided to work on during my spare times.

If you are interested in experience their adventures together, feel free to visit my personal carrd ❤ and my gaming account on Twitter. There are a lot of art, stories and multimedia content for them, feel free to explore around!

I lock my Twitter from time to time, however everyone is free to request following!

Feel free to use the contact form provided to contact me.Or you can send your inquiries to:


Please check the Calendar tab for monthly work availability, and reservation.

Very Light GrayClose to completion
Grey ~ TrueWorking in Progress
FalseNot yet started

※Commission open timing are subject to change.

terms of service

credit: shirokumani


  • Original Characters

  • Fanart

  • FF14 Characters (No heavy mods)

  • Suggestive themes (No nudity)

  • Armor / Mecha


  • It is not possible to request any Themis related commission, sorry!

  • Please refrain having him in your reference folders as I am not willing to see it.

  • NSFW / Gore

  • Version Variations

  • Real life / Hyper realistic

  • Offensive / Hateful contents

  • NFT / AI / any crypto currency

  • Private Commissions


  • 2 characters times 2 of the listed price. ($10x2=$20)

  • All payment through Stripe/Visa/Mastercard, Paypla payment may require 3% fee.

  • I charge characters based on complexities, armor/complex pattern/decorations will cost extra.

  • No refund after the commission is finished, refund is negotiable while working in progress.

  • Payment plan is only acceptable for Patreon members and existing clients.

  • Not allowed to use my artwork for video and streams.


  • NO DM

  • All contact and inquiries through email only.

  • It is possible to be charged extra if I have to work through Direct Messages.


  • I do not accept any changes if it is not mentioned in the initial request/reference. Please be specific and make sure to know what you want.

  • Allow up to 2 minor fixes during sketch/lineart phase for free, extra requests will cost $25.

  • Allow up to a few minor fixes after coloring phase, extra requests will cost $45.

  • I do not accept changing reference after the commission starts.

  • Please allow extra time for me to finish the edits.

  • minor change: facial expression, color changes, fingers/hands, scars/beauty marks/piercings, etc.

  • drastic change: hair change, horns/wings, different outfits, different pose

Feel free to use the contact form provided on this site to contact me.Or you can send your inquiries to:

Store policies

Have a question? We're here to help. These FAQ's are designed to better provide an understanding of how to place your order with Glustick.

Ship from:

  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Returns & exchanges

All sales of products are final. It is the responsibility of the customer to submit all the correct information upon purchasing. Image colours, lightness, darkness of images are not grounds for a refund. If there is any problem with your product upon recieving, contact me within 14 days of delivery, and ship items back within the following 30 days.

__The following items can't be returned or exchanged:

  • Custom or personalized orders

  • Digital downloads

  • Intimate items (for health/hygiene reasons)

Turnaround & Shipping

  • North America/US shipping flat rate $10 USD.

  • All worldwide shipping flat rate $20 USD.

You can expect orders under $50 to be out the door in 3–5 business days (will vary depending on my workload). If you're looking for larger orders, it typically takes a few extra days. Feel free to contact me to receive a more accurate timeline of your products. Make sure to consider transit time. This can be anywhere from 14-30 business days depending on your location and country. You will receive an email with your tracking information the minute your order is shipped.Rush delivery orders may contact me through email.

Can I pick up my orders?

Yes! If you're located in the Vancouver area, I am more than happy to meet up with you to save up shipping fees. Feel free to contact me for a location.

Contact Rules

  • All contact and inquiries through email only, might take up to 3 days to respond so please be patient.

  • Please do not under any circumstances DM me on discord or Twitter without my consent.

  • I don't reply to emails during the weekend and late night time

Feel free to use the contact form provided on this site to contact me.Or you can send your inquiries to: